Does this experience cause motion sickness?

Our Virtual Reality stations are programmed to give a fully immersive experience. There are very few who have reported motion sickness out of the thousands who have experienced virtual reality.

Our VR employees will advise you on what type of experiences cause motion sickness. If you are prone to motion sickness, we recommend you stick to the games that have a teleportation-based movement system. Some people may experience motion-sickness games that are locomotion-based. We also recommend that you avoid the Racing Simulators in VR.

Teleportation based movement is a point-and-click system while locomotion intends to simulate actual walking/running.

If you feel like getting motion sick or nausea, please close your eyes and take a small break before continuing. This time will not be counted against you in most cases, but if we have other reservations then we may not be able to give additional time. 

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